2007 NSF Next Generation Data Mining Symposium
Economics of privacy-preserving data mining (ICDE'07 panel)
Data Mining in Vehicular Sensor Networks: Technical and Marketing Challenges (KDD'07 talk)
Thoughts on Human Emotions, Communication Breakthroughs, and the Next Generation of Data Mining (NGDM'07 talk)

Data Mining: Next Generation Challenges and Future Directions
H. Kargupta, A. Joshi, K. Sivakumar, and Y. Yesha
MIT/AAAI Press (to be released in early 2004)

Adv ances in Distributed and Parallel Knowledge Discovery
Edited by Hillol Kargupta and Philip Chan

Awards and Honors

Kargupta and co-authors win IEEE 10-Year Highest-Impact Paper Award.

Kargupta becomes an IEEE Fellow, 2011.

Kargupta's work selected as one the Top-10 Data Mining Case Studies in IEEE ICDM'2010.

Recipient of Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology of the year, 2010.

Outstanding paper of the IEEE Int. Conf. on P2P Computing, 2009.

IBM Innovation Award, 2008.

Paper selected for "Best of 2008 SIAM Data Mining Conference (SDM'08)"

Most Interesting Paper of WebKDD'06, Client-side Web Mining for Community Formation in Peer-to-Peer Environments

Best Paper Award, 2003 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining.

National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2001.

IEEE Senior Member.

TRW Research Foundation Award, 2001

1997 Los Alamos Award for outstanding technical achievment.

SIAM (Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics) 1996 annual best student paper award.

Sigma-Xi award for the paper titled, Drift, diffusion, and Boltzmann distribution in simple
genetic algorithm (Kargupta, 1992).

Sigma-Xi award for the paper titled,Temporal sequence processing based on the biological reaction-diffusion process (Kargupta & Ray, 1994).

Honors Distinction in B. Tech., 1988.

National Talent Certificate (India), 1982.

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