Haibin Zhang Ph.D.

  • Email: hbzhang AT umbc.edu
  • Office: ITE 357
Haibin Zhang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Haibin received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis (with Prof. Matt Franklin). Previously, he worked as a postdoc for two NSF frontier projects on cloud security -- the MACS project (with Prof. Marten van Dijk) and the Project Silver (with Prof. Michael Reiter). He is interested in cloud computing, cryptography, security, privacy, and distributed systems. He received the best paper candidate award at the 33rd IEEE International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems and proved the security of a NIST standard on ciphertext stealing. Haibin is one of the main inventors of Norton Zone, Symantec’s scalable cloud storage, and BChain, a highly efficient BFT protocol fully implemented within Hyperledger blockchain framework.

My work is supported by NSF SFS, NSF PFI (the first NSF PFI award on blockchains), TEDCO MII (the first MII award on blockchains), and DHS Science and Technology.

ByzID (SRDS 2014, Best Paper Candidate, BFT using small trusted components)

BChain (OPODIS 2014, chain-based high-throughput BFT, used in Hyperledger Iroha, featured in Hyperledger whitepaper)

CBFT (SRDS 2016, BFT with confidentiality; if you want to achieve private smart contracts without using TEEs you may be interested in the paper.)

CP-BFT (DSN 2017, BFT with causal order without using threshold cryptography)

BEAT (CCS 2018, asynchronous BFT made practical; a family of five state-of-the-art asychronous BFT protocols)

I have multiple openings for fully funded PhD students. Please send me an email. Possible projects inlcude cloud computing and cloud security (e.g, OpenStack Keystone/Nova/Neutron), permissioned blockchains, and cyber physical systems security (e.g., privacy and fault tolerance in CPS).

To apply to the PhD program, please follow the link. I am affiliated to the CS department.