Invited talks (last five years)


invited speaker: After 75 Years of AI, Can Machines Think?, UMBC Library AI, Privacy,and Ethics Symposium, April 2024.


invited speaker: What generative AI systems know about cybersecurity, AI for Maryland CS Teachers series, Maryland Center for Computing Education, October 12, 2023.

invited speaker: Evaluating what generative AI systems know about cybersecurity, INCS-CoE Expert Community Seminar, September 2023.

invited speaker: AI Generative Tools: Overview and Implications for Education, USM Board of Regents meeting, June 2023.


invited speaker: Constructing and Using Knowledge Graphs for Cybersecurity, OMG AI Platform Task Force Quarterly meeting, June 2020.


invited speaker: Fifty years of using knowledge graphs for language understanding, Knowledge Representation & Reasoning Meets Machine Learning Workshop, MIT, Sept. 2019