My Interests

Hiking -
Especially at Lake O' Hara in the Canadian Rockies. 
See my photos of Lake O'Hara



Cooking - Including David's Famous Pepper Sauce.

Cross Country Skiing - I know -- Maryland isn't a good place for this.

Some of My Recent Photos

Lake O'Hara Area (Canadian Rockies)

GAVL 97 Fall Weekend Retreat in West Virginia

Some other pictures of the Canadian Rockies

Some other pictures

Two Sunset images taken at Ocean City Maryland

  • Sunset from My Deck 
  • Maryland Sunset scene 
  • Sunset at Bowling Brook Country Estate  

  • David's Famous Pepper Sauce

    Qty  Ingredient
    3 tsp crushed garlic
    3-4 tlb Marsala Wine
    1/2 can  Broth (chicken or vegetable)
    2 tlb sugar (heaping tlb)
    italian seasoning
    romano cheese
    4 lrge Red peppers.
      Use straight as a sauce for any dish. Also, may use in combination with tomato sauce for a milder pepper sauce. Finally, to thicken the sauce, I suggest pureeing half the mixture in a food processor and then adding it back in.

    David S. Ebert

    Last modified: Sept. 2 1998