CMSC 491B / 691B: 
Visualization Techniques

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department 
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Autumn 1999

Visualization of the Ice Maiden of Ampato (Juanita)

Due: September 23, 1999

Project Description

You are to produce the best visualizations that you can from the CT data of the Ice Maiden of Ampato located in ~ebert/691/Ampato using both Vtk and IBM OpenDX. From these visualizations, you are to determine the cause of death.

The data set is an regular grid of data with dimensions 256x256x512. Each entry is a short with values between 0 and 3000.

Do Not Redistrubute this data.

Only use it for the purposes of this project. The data is the property of Dr. Elliott Fishman of Johns Hopkins University Medical Center and National Geographic.