CMSC 791:

Advanced Topics in Computer Science
Scientific, Medical, and Information Visualization

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Autumn 1996

Time: M, W, 2:30 - 3:45,
Room: ACIV 107

Instructor: Dr. David S. Ebert , 214 ECS

Phone: 455-3541.

Spring '96 Syllabus (for a reference)

Description: This course will cover advanced topics in computer graphics: scientific visualization, medical visualization, information visualization, and volume rendering techniques. The format for the course will be group discussions of papers and some lectures by the instructor and outside experts in the field. The grading will be based on participation in class and a class project. Class projects may be done individually or in groups. Projects have the potential of leading to work that forms the basis of a Master's project or Ph.D. research topic. A partial list of topics includes the following:

Tentative Schedule

Textbook: None, but the following books may be useful as references.

Project Schedule The projects in the class will be broken into three stages. Progress reports and demonstrations of the working projects at each stage will be required.The tentative Schedule for the projects will be the following:


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