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A New Visualization Algorithm for Curvilinear Grid Volume

Zhang Zhaozhou

A paper submitted to the
Computer Science & Electrical Engineering Department
in partial fulfillment of the requirements for
CMSC-693 Research and Writing Skills
at the University of Maryland Baltimore County

November 30, 1996

CMSC-693 Advisory Committee:

Dr. David Ebert (Advisor), Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Dr. Charles Abzug (Reader), Instructor of Computer Science


A new visualization algorithm is presented for volume rendering of a curvilinear grid. The algorithm is based on the reverse process of auto meshing theory in the finite element method (FEM). The Newton-Raphson method is used to find solutions in this reverse process. The rules in FEM auto meshing theories guarantee the existence of the solutions and the convergence of Newton-Raphson iteration. There is no need to preprocess the whole data set in this algorithm, because the algorithm is very fast. Numerical experiments show that the approach is reliable and needs little memory space and brings no artifacts. Compared with graphical output from FEM software, the volume rendering results clearly show stress distribution inside the volume. FEM software using traditional graphics techniques can only show the isosurfaces.

Keywords. Scientific visualization, curvilinear grid volume, visualization, volume rendering, finite element method, FEM.

ZHANG Zhaozhou
Sat Dec 7 13:57:12 EST 1996