CMSC 435/634: Computer Graphics


Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Fall 2000

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CMSC 341 and Linear Algebra.

Course Description

Introduction to display hardware, interactive techniques, 2D graphics, 2D viewing algorithms including transformations, windows, viewports, and clipping, 3D perspective graphics including hidden surface removal, shading, and illumination techniques.

Students Taking CMSC 634:

Students taking CMSC 634 will be required to do an extra project/report and additional readings.


Introduction to Computer Graphics, Foley, van Dam, Feiner, Hughes, Phillips, Addison Wesley, 1993. Additional reading of papers from the literature may be required.

Additional Good References:


The lab assignments will require the use of the 435 Edge libraries and the C language. Labs may be developed under Windows or UNIX. For grading purposes, the labs will be graded by running them on the GL machines, so make sure that they work on those machines. Note: These labs will be time intensive, so plan accordingly. A tentative list of assignments is given below. Lab assignments will be due at MIDNIGHT of the due date.
Lab Schedule 
Lab  Weight  Description  Week Assigned 
Lab1  4%  Simple Scene Construction 
Lab2  8%  2D Graphics & Scan conversion  2-3 
Lab3  5%  2D Transformations and grammar-based modeling 
Lab4  5%  Simple BMRT Modeled Scene 
Lab5  12%  Interactive 3D viewing transformation  7-8 
Lab6  10%  3D Rendering by Ray Tracing  11 
Lab7  6%  Introduction to Progammabls Shading  13 

Late Policy

10% per 24 hours late. No labs accepted after 5 days past the due date. Labs will be submitted electronically. Labs are expected to be worked on individually. Collaboration in any form will not be tolerated. Any form of collaboration or copying of labs will be dealt with according to university policy.

Examination Policy

Exams are closed book and fixed duration. Make-up exams will only be given when a student is prevented from taking the exam due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., sickness), and formal proof will be required to prove the prevailing circumstance.

Academic Honesty

Cheating in any form will not be tolerated. You may discuss programming assignments with anyone. However, any help you receive must be documented. At the beginning of your program, you must include a comment indicating the sources you used while working on it (excluding course staff and text), and the type of help you received from them. If you received no help, say so. Failure to include this comment at the top of your program will result in your program being returned ungraded.

Grading Policy

Grades will be assigned on the basis of accumulated points. The weighting is as follows:

As per University policy, incomplete will be granted only under extraordinary circumstances; students who are enrolled after April 9 (the last day to drop a class) should be prepared to receive a grade of A-F.

Letter Grades

The following general range will be used:

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