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Enjoy the ride!

Nick and Bob Dimitroff enjoy riding the Thunderbolt!

Current Courses:


·         CMSC104 Section 2

                  Problem Solving and Computer Programming


                  Programming Languages


·         Office Hours: 

                  Monday and Wednesday

Walk in – No appointment necessary
            3:00 to 5:00 PM



                  Tuesday and Thursday

                  By appointment only

Other Links:

·         Institute for Language and Information Theory (ILIT)

·         Games, Dice, and Hobbies

·         An Internet Sampler From A to Z (coming soon!)

·         My students' entry in the ThinkQuest Contest: The Science of Destruction

I am very proud of their work! They finished in the top 10% out of over 3000 teams who entered nationwide.


Photo Credit:  Thunderbolt, by Donald C. Dimitroff, @2004

                              The Thunderbolt is a wooden rollercoaster located in Kennywood Park

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