I'm actively seeking students who are interested in robotics, machine learning, HRI, and natural language processing. You don't have to be interested in all of those things, but it's a good idea to look over the lab's papers and figure out what we're doing that's most interesting.

We actively recruit Meyerhoff/CWIT scholars and members of under-represented groups. If you are a member of a historically marginalized group in computer science, email me and we can talk about the IRAL lab and UMBC.


  1. Are you taking new students? Yes, primarily Ph.D. students.

  2. How do I get involved? A good way is to ask if you can go to group meetings or seminars and actively participate. The second most common way is to take a class with me.

  3. Can you fund me? I generally offer RAs only after I've already worked with you. There are exceptions for incoming PhD students if we've already talked. Master's students are not usually funded via research assistantships.

  4. What if I'm an undergrad? You'll usually get the most from research later (junior and senior year). Consider taking AI, machine learning, NLP, or robotics for background. The beginning of your junior year is ideal but talk to me any time.

  5. What if I'm outside UMBC? Start by applying to UMBC! We do graduate student admittance at the department level. Group membership is usually decided after admittance. Please do feel free to send me email, but answer the questions below, don't just send me a resume.

What Next?

I have two big questions; think about these beforehand:

  • Why THIS lab specifically? What are we doing that interests you?
  • What are your goals? What do you want to get out of working with me?

Email: Drop me email, tell me about yourself, and answer the questions above. If you've done research work before, or if we've met at a conference, or someone pointed you towards me, please tell me (make sure I know to look out for your application, if relevant). Just tell me how our interests overlap and why you're interested in my lab and work.