UMBC CMSC451, Automata Theory and Formal Languages, Summer 2001, Session II

Course Syllabus

We will follow the textbook Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation (second edition) by Hopcroft, Motwani and Ullman. The following schedule outlines the material to be covered during the semester and specifies the corresponding sections of the textbook.

Date   Topics (A=1-2:30pm, B=2:40-4:10pm) Reading   Due
Mon 07/09 A. Introduction, Proofs 1.1-1.7
B. Strings, Languages, DFAs 2.1-2.2
Wed 07/11 A. DFA-NFA Equivalence 2.3-2.5
B. Regular Expressions 3.1-3.4
Mon 07/16 A. Pumping Lemma for Regular Languages 4.1-4.2 HW1
B. Properties of Regular Languages 4.3-4.4
Wed 07/18 A. Context-Free Grammars, Parse Trees 5.1-5.4
B. Pushdown Automata 6.1-6.2
Mon 07/23 A. PDA-CFG Equivalence 6.3 HW2
B. Deterministic PDAs 6.4
Wed 07/25 A. Review
B. Exam 1
Mon 07/30 A. Normal Forms for CFG 7.1 HW3
B. Pumping Lemma for CFL 7.2
Wed 08/01 A. Properties of CFL 7.3-7.4
B. Turing Machines 8.1-8.3
Mon 08/06 A. More Turing Machines 8.4-8.6 HW4
B. Undecidability 9.1-9.2
Wed 08/08 A. Reductions, Rice's Theorem 9.3
B. More Undecidable Problems 9.4-9.5
Mon 08/13 A. P vs NP 10.1 HW5
B. Cook's Theorem 10.2
Wed 08/15 A. Review
B. Exam 2

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