UMBC CMSC441, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Spring 2020


Updated: 2020-03-24. Original schedule still available here.

Date Topic Quizzes Reading Assign Due
Tue 01/28Introduction1.1-3.2
Thu 01/30Summations & RecurrencesA.1-A.2, 4.1-4.2HW1
Tue 02/04More Recurrences
Thu 02/06Master Theorem4.3-4.4HW2HW1
Tue 02/11Heapsort6.1-6.5
Thu 02/13Quicksort7.1-7.4HW3HW2
Tue 02/18Lower bounds on SortingQuiz 18.1-8.4
Thu 02/20Linear-Time Selection9.1-9.3HW4HW3
Tue 02/25Greedy Algorithms I16.1-16.2
Thu 02/27Greedy Algorithms II16.3HW5HW4
Tue 03/03Greedy Algorithms IIQuiz 2
Thu 03/05Dynamic Programming I15.1-15.3HW6HW5
Tue 03/10Dynamic Programming II15.4-15.5
Thu 03/12CancelledHW7HW6
Tue 03/17Spring Break
Thu 03/19Spring Break
Tue 03/24Dyanmic Programming IIIQuiz 3
Thu 03/26Basic Graph Algorithms I22.1-22.4HW7HW6
Tue 03/31Basic Graph Algorithms II22.5
Thu 04/02Minimum Spanning Trees I23.1-23.2HW8HW7
Tue 04/07Disjoint Set UnionQuiz 321.1-21.3
Thu 04/09Minimum Spanning Trees IIHW9HW8
Tue 04/14Shortest Paths I24.1-24.3
Thu 04/16Shortest Paths II24.4-24.5HW10HW9
Tue 04/21Shortest Paths IIIQuiz 425.1-25.3
Thu 04/23Maximum Flow I26.1-26.3HW11HW10
Tue 04/28Maximum Flow II
Thu 04/30Maximum Flow IIIHW12HW11
Tue 05/05NP-completenessQuiz 534.1-34.5
Thu 05/07NP-completenessHW12
Tue 05/12Review
Tue 05/19 Section 02 Final Exam 10:30am – 12:30pm, ITE 227
Section 01 Final Exam 1pm – 3pm, Sherman 013

Readings are from Introduction to Algorithms, (3/e), by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein.

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