UMBC CMSC202, Computer Science II, Spring 1998, Sections 0101, 0102, 0103, 0104 and Honors

Lecture Synopses

Stern Warning

These notes are intended to supplement your own lecture notes. They are not a substitute for attending class. Heck, they are not even a substitute for borrowing your friends' notes. They do, however, contain all the C programs that were displayed on the overhead transparencies, so you don't have to jot them down like mad.

Also, since you will find out anyway: Yes, we do make fun of you in class when you miss lecture.

Click on the dates below to get a description of that day's lecture.
Programs for future lectures are sometimes available, too.

Date Topic
Tu 1/27Introduction
Th 1/29Review
Tu 2/3Recursion
Th 2/5Recursion
Tu 2/10Merge Sort
Th 2/12Quicksort
Tu 2/17Binary Search
Th 2/19More Recursion
Tu 2/24A Recursive Descent Parser
Th 2/26Exam 1
Tu 3/3Pointers
Th 3/5Pointers
Tu 3/10Pointers
Th 3/12Lists
Tu 3/17Lists
Th 3/19TBA
Tu 3/24Spring Break
Th 3/26Spring Break
Tu 3/31Exam 2
Th 4/2Object-Oriented Programing
Tu 4/7Lists in C++
Th 4/9Class Derivation & Inheritance
Tu 4/14More on Inheritance; Stacks
Th 4/16Queues; Trees & Tree Traversal
Tu 4/21Expression Trees
Th 4/23Project 5; Danger of Destructors
Tu 4/28Binary Search Trees
Th 4/30More Binary Search Trees
Tu 5/5Hash Tables
Th 5/7Function Pointers & and Function Parameters
Tu 5/12C++ Summary
Th 5/21Final Exam, 10:30am - 12:30pm, LH5

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