UMBC CMSC201, Computer Science I, Fall 1994 Sections 0101, 0102 and Honors

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For Professor Chang's sections only (see Dire Warnings)

Click here if you need general help with UNIX, Mosaic, World Wide Web, etc.

Click here for tips on using UNIX related to this course only.

Some useful information about CMSC201

Newsworthy items


The project descriptions will be available on-line as they are assigned.


Quizzes and Exams

You can practice taking quizzes and exams if you are using a browser that supports HTML forms (e.g., NCSA Mosaic for X, Netscape, Lynx 2.3).

Last semester's quizzes and exams:
Select Quiz 1, Quiz 2, Quiz 3, Midterm Exam or Final Exam.

Solutions to this semester's quizzes and exams will be available as they get graded. The following are currently available:
Select Quiz 1, Quiz 2, Quiz 3 Midterm Exam or Final Exam.

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