Sue Evans

I am a Senior Lecturer Emerita of the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department.
I did both my graduate and undergraduate work in Computer Science here at UMBC.
As an undergraduate, I also took the education courses required for Maryland Teacher Certification.
I received my BS in December 1994 and my MS in January of 1998.

I began teaching here at UMBC for the Continuing Education Department when I was still in grad school,
where I develpoed and was the instructor for several different Computer Science courses offered through them:
CMSC 491F "Internet Tools and Protocols" (developed with Dr. Charles Nicholas)
"Software Engineering with C Programming" (developed and team taught with Alan Baumgarten) for Westinghouse
CMSC 106 "C Programming" for both Computer Sciences Corporation and NASA
"User Interface Design," (developed with Dr. Ian Soboroff) and taught for Bell Atlantic.

I also developed and taught "Information Literacy through the Internet" at Essex Community College

I began teaching as a full-time Lecturer for the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department in the Fall semester of 1997.

During my time here, I taught several courses:
CMSC 104 "Problem Solving and Computer Programming,"
CMSC 106 "C Programming,"
CMSC 201 "Computer Science I for Majors,"
CMSC 201H "Computer Science I for majors - Honors,"
CMSC 331 "Principles of Programming Languages,"
CMSC 491F "Internet Tools and Protocols"
and FYS 102D "Investigating Everyday Problems and Their Current IT Solutions"

I was promoted to Senior Lecturer in August 2006.

My primary focus was on CMSC 201, the beginning programming course for all Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors, which I taught every semester of my fourteen years as a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer and was the lead Lecturer for that course for most of those semesters. I also managed the Computer Science Help Center, which was staffed by outstanding Computer Science upperclassmen and was the advisor for Alpha Sigma Kappa. I also developed and managed the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant program for the CSEE Department.

I was granated Emerita status when I retired in May of 2011.

I am no longer on campus, since I have retired and moved to Maine, but I must say that I loved my career at UMBC and have remained friends with many of my colleagues.

You can reach me by email at