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* [https://my.umbc.edu/topics/computing-and-technology/ DoIT]
* [https://my.umbc.edu/topics/computing-and-technology/ DoIT]
* [http://noc.umbc.edu/ DoIT Networks]
* [http://noc.umbc.edu/ DoIT Networks]
* [http://doit.umbc.edu/request-tracker-rt/doit-myumbc-tsc/ DOIT ticket system]
* [http://doit.umbc.edu/request-tracker-rt/doit-myumbc-tsc/ DOIT Ticket System]

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Mail Configuration and Usage

Web Development

  • Web Introduction - Personal Web page with every CSEE account
  • CGI - Original method to implement dynamic content
  • PHP - Modern method to implement dynamic content
  • Wiki - Set up your own wiki
  • Public Subversion - Share your code development with the world
  • MySQL - Use a database to store information

Web Services

  • Publications - Online publication manager and RSS syndication service

Login services

Workstations in CSEE Department


Software Downloads

Miscellaneous Documentation

Other UMBC IT Sites