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UMBC Academic Petitions and Policy


  • UMBC Graduate School Forms (Please use any forms provided below before referring to the versions provided by the graduate school)


BS/MS Programs

Course Registration

  • Closed course wait list policy: PDF
  • Permission to Enroll in a Closed Course From
    • For Graduate Student: PDF
    • For Undergraduate Student: PDF
  • Request to take a course outside chosen program: MS WORD AND PDF

Transfer of Credits Requests (For MS students only)

  • Transfer of Credits Form: PDF

Course Equivalency Requests (For Ph.D. students only)

  • Course Equivalency Guidelines: PDF
  • Course Equivalency Request Form: MSWord | PDF

Master of Science

  • MS Scholarly Paper:
    • Scholarly Paper (698) Format and Guidelines: PDF
    • Scholarly Paper Approval Form: MSWord
  • Master’s Thesis and Ph.D Dissertation Template in LaTeX: ZIP

CMSC Specific


CMSC Specific

Ph.D. Comprehensive Portfolio (CS, CE, and EE)

    • Comprehensive Portfolio Policy
      • Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering: PDF
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Forms
      • Computer Science
        • Portfolio Coversheet: MSWord
        • Ph.D Student Research Statement Form MSWord | PDF
        • Faculty Support Letter Form – MSWord | PDF
    • Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering: MSWord | PDF
  • Example formatting template for written report – MSWord | LaTex

Ph.D Preliminary Exam (CS, CE, and EE)