The UMBC CSEE department has large hybrid cluster with more than 128 processors as well as many other high end se

research areas:
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Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty
Tulay Adali
Gary M. Carter
Chein-I Chang
Richard Chang
Fow-Sen Choa
Tim Finin
Anthony Johnson
Anupam Joshi
Konstantinos Kalpakis
Samuel Lomonaco
Curtis R. Menyuk
Tinoosh Mohsenin
Joel M. Morris
Charles Nicholas
Tim Oates
Marc Olano
Chintan Patel
Dhananjay Phatak
Ryan Robucci
Alan T. Sherman
Deepinder Sidhu
Li Yan
Yaacov Yesha
Yelena Yesha
Mohamed Younis
Professors of Practice
E.F. Charles LaBerge
Research Faculty
John Dorband
Milton Halem
research area
01 Artificial Intelligence
02 Communication and Signal Processing
03 Graphics and Visualization
04 High Performance Computing
05 Information and Knowledge Management
06 Networking and Systems
07 Photonics and Micro Electronics
08 Security
09 Sensor Systems
10 Signal Processing Architectures
11 Theory and Algorithms
12 VLSI Design and Test