Oracle8i Time Series User's Guide
Release 8.1.5







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1 Introduction

1.1 Oracle8i Time Series and Object-Relational Technology
1.2 Storing and Accessing Data
1.3 Time Series Usage Models
1.3.1 No Need for Calendars
1.3.2 Need for Calendars
1.4 Installing the Kit
1.4.1 Required Software for Using Oracle8i Time Series
1.4.2 After Installing Oracle8i Time Series
1.4.3 Creating Database Objects Without Using ODCA
1.5 Creating Public Synonyms for Oracle8i Time Series Packages
1.6 Oracle8i Time Series Demos (Demonstrations)
1.6.1 Quick-Start Demo
1.6.2 Usage Demo
1.7 Java Client-Side API (Prototype)

2 Time Series Concepts

2.1 Overview of Time Series Data
2.1.1 Regular and Irregular Time Series
2.1.2 Data Generation for a Time Series
2.1.3 Historical Data
2.2 Calendars
2.2.1 Frequency
2.2.2 Precision
2.2.3 Pattern
2.2.4 Overview of Calendar Definition
2.2.5 Deriving Calendar Exceptions from Time Series Data
2.3 Data Types
2.3.1 Calendar Data Types
2.3.2 Time Series Data Types
2.4 Conventions and Semantics
2.4.1 Semantics of Null Operands
2.4.2 Semantics of Off-Exception Operands
2.5 Oracle8i Time Series Architecture
2.6 Storage of Time Series Data
2.6.1 Flat IOT or Flat Table Storage
2.6.2 Nested IOT Storage (Object Model)
2.7 Interfaces to Time Series and Time Scaling Functions
2.7.1 Instance-Based Interface
2.7.2 Reference-Based Interface
2.8 Consistency of Time Series Data
2.8.1 Rules for Time Series Consistency
2.8.2 Enforcing Time Series Consistency with Relational Views
2.8.3 Bulk Loading and Consistency
2.9 Calendar Functions
2.9.1 End-User Functions
2.9.2 Product-Developer Functions
2.10 Time Series Functions
2.10.1 Extraction, Retrieval, and Trim Functions
2.10.2 Shift Functions
2.10.3 SQL Formatting Functions
2.10.4 Aggregate Functions
2.10.5 Arithmetic Functions
2.10.6 Cumulative Sequence Functions
2.10.7 Moving Average and Sum Functions
2.10.8 Conversion Functions
2.11 Time Scaling Functions
2.11.1 Time Scaling on Collections
2.11.2 Scaleup Options: IgnoreNulls and DiscardError
2.12 Administrative Tools Procedures
2.12.1 Role Requirement for Administrative Tools Procedures
2.12.2 Other Requirements for Administrative Tools Procedures

3 Time Series Usage

3.1 Creating a Time Series Group
3.2 Creating a Calendar
3.3 Maintaining a Map Table
3.4 Populating the Detail Table Using SQL*Loader
3.4.1 Bulk Loading
3.4.2 Incremental Loading
3.5 Retrofitting Existing Tables
3.6 Validating Time Series Consistency
3.7 Formulating Time Series Queries
3.8 Deriving Calendar Exceptions
3.8.1 Deriving Exceptions Using a Time Series (Approach 1)
3.8.2 Deriving Exceptions Using a Calendar and Table of Dates (Approach 1A)
3.8.3 Deriving Exceptions Using Two Time Series Parameters (Approach 2)
3.9 Using Product-Developer Functions

4 Calendar Functions: Reference

5 Time Series Functions: Reference

6 Time Scaling Functions: Reference

7 Administrative Tools Procedures: Reference

A Error Messages

B Oracle8i Time Series Metadata Views

B.1 View Definitions
B.1.1 ALL_TIMESERIES_xxx View Definitions
B.1.2 DBA_TIMESERIES_xxx View Definitions
B.1.3 USER_TIMESERIES_xxx View Definitions
B.2 Column Descriptions
B.2.2 xxx_TIMESERIES_COLS Columns
B.2.3 xxx_TIMESERIES_OBJS Columns

C Deprecated Features

C.1 SetPrecision Function
C.2 Lookback Window (k) Parameter for Mavg and Msum
C.3 Scaleup Function (GROUP BY Interface)
C.4 Package for Scaleup Functions



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