Oracle8i Visual Information Retrieval User's Guide and Reference
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1 Introduction

1.1 If You Already Understand Oracle8i interMedia Image
1.2 Image Concepts
1.2.1 Digital Images
1.2.2 Image Components
1.2.3 Interchange Formats
1.3 Object Relational Technology
1.3.1 Storing Images
1.3.2 Querying Images
1.3.3 Accessing Images
1.4 Visual Information Retrieval Methods and Operations
1.4.1 Analyzing and Comparing Images
1.4.2 Extracting Properties from Images
1.4.3 Verifying Image Properties
1.4.4 Modifying Images
1.4.5 Moving Images
1.4.6 Deleting Images
1.4.7 Setting Image Characteristics Manually

2 Content-Based Retrieval Concepts

2.1 Overview and Benefits
2.2 How Content-Based Retrieval Works
2.2.1 Global Color and Local Color
2.2.2 Texture and Structure
2.2.3 Face Recognition
2.3 How Matching Works
2.3.1 Weight
2.3.2 Score
2.3.3 Similarity Calculation
2.3.4 Threshold Value
2.4 Using an Index to Compare Signatures
2.5 Preparing or Selecting Images for Useful Matching

3 Visual Information Retrieval Examples

3.1 Create a New Table Containing an Image
3.2 Add an Image Column to an Existing Table
3.3 Load Images from External Files
3.4 Load Images from External Files Using SQL*Loader
3.5 Retrieve an Image
3.6 Retrieve Images Similar to a Comparison Image
3.7 Create a Visual Information Retrieval Domain Index
3.8 Retrieve Images Similar to a Comparison Image Using Index Operations
3.9 Convert an Image to a Different Format
3.10 Extend the Object Type
3.11 Use Image Type with Object Views

4 Visual Information Retrieval Reference

4.1 Object Type
ORDVir Object Type
4.2 Methods for Image Manipulation
analyze( ) Method
checkProperties( ) Method
clearLocal( ) Method
copy( ) Method
deleteContent( ) Method
export( ) Method
getBFILE Method
getCompressionFormat Method
getContent Method
getContentFormat Method
getContentLength( ) Method
getFileFormat( ) Method
getHeight( ) Method
getMimeType( ) Method
getSignature( ) Method
getSource( ) Method
getSourceLocation( ) Method
getSourceName( ) Method
getSourceType( ) Method
getUpdateTime( ) Method
getWidth( ) Method
import( ) Method
importFrom( ) Method
isLocal( ) Method
migrateFromORDVirB( ) Method
migrateFromORDVirF( ) Method
process( ) Method
processCopy( ) Method
setLocal Method
setMimeType( ) Method
setProperties( ) Method
setProperties( ) Method for Foreign Images
setSource( ) Method
setUpdateTime( ) Method
4.3 Operators for Visual Information Retrieval
Analyze( ) Operator
Convert( ) Operator
VIRScore( ) Operator
VIRSimilar( ) Operator

A File and Compression Formats

A.1 Supported File and Compression Formats

B Sample Program

C Process and ProcessCopy Operators

C.1 Common Concepts
C.1.1 Source and Destination Images
C.1.2 Process and ProcessCopy
C.1.3 Operator and Value
C.1.4 Combining Operators
C.2 Image Formatting Operators
C.2.1 FileFormat
C.2.2 ContentFormat
C.2.3 CompressionFormat
C.2.4 CompressionQuality
C.3 Image Processing Operators
C.3.1 Cut
C.3.2 Scale
C.3.3 XScale
C.3.4 YScale
C.3.5 FixedScale
C.3.6 MaxScale
C.4 Format-Specific Operators
C.4.1 ChannelOrder
C.4.2 Interleave
C.4.3 PixelOrder
C.4.4 ScanlineOrder
C.4.5 InputChannels

D Raw Pixel Format

D.1 Raw Pixel Introduction
D.2 Raw Pixel Image Structure
D.3 Raw Pixel Header Field Descriptions
D.4 Raw Pixel Post-Header Gap
D.5 Raw Pixel Data Section and Pixel Data Format
D.5.1 Scanline Ordering
D.5.2 Pixel Ordering
D.5.3 Band Interleaving
D.5.4 N-Band Data
D.6 Raw Pixel Header"C" Structure
D.7 Raw Pixel Header"C" Constants
D.8 Raw Pixel PL/SQL Constants
D.9 Raw Pixel Images Using CCITT Compression
D.10 Foreign Image Support and the Raw Pixel Format

E Deprecated Features

E.1 Object Types
ORDVirB Object Type
ORDVirF Object Type
E.2 Methods
analyze( ) Method
checkProperties Method
copyContent( ) Method
deleteContent Method
getCompressionFormat Method
getContent Method
getContentFormat Method
getContentLength Method
getFileFormat Method
getHeight Method
getMimeType Method
getSignature Method
getWidth Method
process( ) Method
processCopy( ) Method
setProperties( ) Method
setProperties( ) Method for Foreign Images
E.3 Operators
Analyze( ) Operator
Convert( ) Operator
Score( ) Operator
Similar( ) Operator

F Error Messages and Codes

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