Oracle Pro*COBOL(TM) Getting Started for Windows NT and Windows 95
Release 8.0






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Introducing Pro*COBOL

This chapter describes the Oracle programmatic interface for the COBOL language running under the Windows NT and Windows 95 operating systems.

Topics included in this chapter are:

What is Pro*COBOL?

To access an Oracle database, you use a high-level query language called Structured Query Language, or SQL. You often use SQL through an interactive interface, such as SQL*Plus.

Pro*COBOL is a precompiler that converts SQL statements embedded within COBOL programs to COBOL statements. The output file can then be compiled by a COBOL compiler.

Use the Pro*COBOL precompiler when rapid development and compatibility with other systems are your priorities.

Pro*COBOL supports the MicroFocus Object COBOL 4.0 compiler for Windows NT and Windows 95.

32-bit Application Development

Release 8.0 of Pro*COBOL supports 32-bit application development using the Oracle database under Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 95.

PL/SQL Support

This version of Pro*COBOL supports PL/SQL Version 8.0, Oracle's procedural language extensions to the SQL language standard for enhancing performance of the Oracle database. For more information on PL/SQL see the PL/SQL User's Guide and Reference available with your Oracle8 server documentation.

For information on including PL/SQL in your Pro*COBOL applications, see the Programmer's Guide to the Oracle Precompilers and the Supplement to the Oracle Precompilers Guide.

Pro*COBOL Support


This release of Pro*COBOL supports the following:


Pro*COBOL Release 8.0 for Windows NT and Windows 95 does not support

How to Begin

Follow these steps to get started quickly with your new Oracle product:

  1. Complete and return the registration and support cards in your Customer Information booklet.
  2. Follow the instructions to install your Oracle database (if you have not already done so).
  3. Follow the instructions to install Pro*COBOL.
  4. Follow the directions in the Building Pro*COBOL Applications chapter of this manual to begin using the precompiler.
  5. Build and run the sample programs described in that chapter to ensure that you have successfully installed Pro*COBOL.


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