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Reading the MIB Variable Descriptions

This chapter covers the format used to describe MIB variables in the six appendices that follow.

Note that the STATUS element of SNMP MIB definition, Version 2, is not included in these MIB variable descriptions. Since Oracle has implemented all MIB variables as CURRENT, this value does not vary.

Variable name


Maps to the SYNTAX element of SNMPv2 MIB definition.


Maps to the MAX-ACCESS element of SNMP MIB definition, Version 2.


Maps to the STATUS element of SNMP MIB definition, Version 2.


Describes the function, use and precise derivation of the variable. (For example, a variable might be derived from a particular configuration file parameter or performance table field.) When appropriate, incorporates the DESCRIPTION part of the MIB definition, Version 2.

Typical Range

Describes the typical, rather than theoretical, range of the variable. For example, while integer values for many MIB variables can theoretically range up to 4294967295, a typical range in an actual installation will vary to a lesser extent. On the other hand, some variable values for a large database can actually exceed this "theoretical" limit (a "wraparound"). Specifying that a variable value typically ranges from 0 to 1,000 or 1,000 to 3 billion will help the third-party developer to develop the most useful graphical display for the variable.


Describes the significance of the variable when monitoring a typical installation. Alternative ratings are Very Important, Important, Less Important, or Not Normally Used. Clearly, the DBA will want to monitor some variables more closely than others. However, which variables fall into this category can vary from installation to installation, depending on the application, the size of the database, and on the DBA's objectives. Nevertheless, assessing a variable's significance relative to the other variables in the MIB can help third-party developers focus their efforts on those variables of most interest to the most DBAs.

Related Variables

Lists other variables in this MIB, or other MIBs implemented by Oracle, that relate in some way to this variable. For example, the value of this variable might derive from that of another MIB variable. Or perhaps the value of this variable varies inversely to that of another variable. Knowing this information, third-party developers can develop useful graphic displays of related MIB variables.

Suggested Presentation

Suggests how this variable can be presented most usefully to the DBA using the management application: as a simple value, as a gauge, or as an alarm, for example.


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