Oracle Web Publishing Assistant Getting Started for Windows NT
Release 1.0





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Introducing Oracle Web Publishing Assistant

This chapter provides an overview of the Oracle Web Publishing Assistant. It also lists the system requirements and describes how to get started using the product. Specific topics discussed are:

Introducing Oracle Web Publishing Assistant

You have an Oracle database. You have tablespaces filled with useful information. You want to share this information with your co-workers, with your customers, with the world. How can you get this information, and see it in an easy-to-read format? How can you distribute the information in this format?

Use Oracle Web Publishing Assistant to create HTML web pages based on data retrieved from an Oracle database. Retrieve the data with pre-defined queries. You determine the page layouts. Oracle Web Publishing Assistant web-enables an Oracle database, offering security and scalability with a user-friendly interface.

To make the web page available on the intranet or World Wide Web, you will need to configure a web server (available separately). A web server is not necessary if you only want to view the page locally. To view the page locally, open the file with your web browser (see the section "Software Requirements").


To use Oracle Web Publishing Assistant, you need Windows NT User Login privileges on the machine you query from.  

Hardware Requirements

Use these hardware components with Oracle Web Publishing Assistant:

Software Requirements

Oracle Web Publishing Assistant requires these software components:

Software Component   Version  

Microsoft Windows NT Workstation or Server operating system  


Oracle8 for accessing an Oracle8 database  



for accessing a remote Oracle8 or Oracle7 Server  


Web Browser

  • Netscape Navigator



  • Microsoft Internet Explorer



Installing Oracle Web Publishing Assistant

Before installing this product, review the Release Notes included in this package for the most recent information about this product.

Oracle Web Publishing Assistant is automatically installed with Oracle8 server, if you choose a Typical installation. To use the Oracle Web Publishing Assistant, see Chapter 3, "Working with Oracle Web Publishing Assistant".


You need an Windows NT Administrator account to install and maintain Oracle Web Publishing Assistant.  

De-installing Oracle Web Publishing Assistant

To de-install Oracle Web Publishing Assistant:

  1. Stop Oracle Web Assistant services. From the Services control panel, select Oracle Web Assistant, and click Stop.
  2. From the Start menu, select Programs > Oracle for Windows NT > Oracle Installer.

    The installed products screen of Oracle Installer appears on the right side of your screen.

  3. Select Oracle Web Publishing Assistant, and click Remove.

    A message appears confirming your decision to remove the product. A window shows the progress of the de-installation. A message appears, confirming that the product has been de-installed.

  4. Click Exit to quit the Installer.


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