MPI: RECENT CHANGES _________________________________________________________________ Recent Changes to the MPI Web Page This is a list of recent changes to MPI web page maintained at the Engineering Research Center at Mississippi State University. The list is ordered from the most recent to the least recent. _________________________________________________________________ Apr 13, 1995 * Removed reference to MPI bibliography maintained at MSU. Put in its place a pointer to the list maintained by David Walker. * New tutorial documents. + MPI: From Fundamentals To Applications, A tutorial which is available in a half day version as postscript. A introductory paper by Jack Dongarra, Steve Otto, Marc Snir, and David Walker. + A talk on MPI. Slides from a talk given by Steve Otto. * Repository for MPI test suites. * Argonne National Lab MPI 2 page. * Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre MPI Technology Watch Report. * ORNL MPI web page. * Added this page. _________________________________________________________________ [LINK] MPI Web Page. _________________________________________________________________ Nathan Doss Last modified: Thu Apr 13 15:50:15 1995