MPI 2 _________________________________________________________________ WHAT IS MPI 2 MPI 2 is an effort to consider extensions to the MPI message-passing standard for parallel programming. This effort has broad participation from vendors, users, and software developers. MPI 2 is not changing MPI; it is considering extending MPI. _________________________________________________________________ MINUTES OF MPI MEETINGS These are the minutes of the MPI2 meetings; these include discussions of corrections and clarifications to the MPI standard. * Minutes of March 13-15 meeting. These are also available by anonymous ftp from (TeX DVI file) and (Postscript). _________________________________________________________________ HAVING TROUBLE? Some people have reported trouble accessing these documents. The links are correct, but apparently some Web readers are broken and also some network firewalls prevent accessing certain kinds of links without providing useful or sensible error messages. You can also access these documents by anonymous ftp from in directory pub/mpi/mpi2. We also urge you to get the problem corrected, whether it is a broken Web reader or a network firewall that prevents reasonable network requests.