CSEE Online Graduate Orientation – Fall 2022

Welcome to the CSEE department Online Orientation. We are happy to have you at UMBC and the CSEE department.

Start by clicking HERE to ensure you are logged into the UMBC Box system so you can see the videos below. If you have missed out on the Graduate School Orientation, please click HERE.

WELCOME – CSEE Department Chair, Dr. Anupam Joshi


Computer Science Graduate Program – Dr. Charles Nicholas

ECE Graduate Program – Dr. Chintan Patel

How to Succeed in Graduate Studies – Dr. Tim Finin

Academic Integrity/Misconduct – Dr. Cynthia Matuszek

Computer Accounts

Visit the Computer Account page for the orientation presentation for getting CSEE computer accounts, subscribing to the appropriate CSEE student mailing list, and get introduced to an overview of the computer environment in the department.