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The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors identifies a need for innovative testing and diagnostic methods for digital and mixed-signal devices. Traditional testing strategies are becoming less effective for several reasons. As device operational frequencies increase, the cost of functional test equipment, capable of testing devices at their native speed (at-speed), is becoming cost prohibitive. Testing methods which use slower, cheaper test equipment need to be able to detect defects that cause at-speed delay failures. The increasing complexity and diversity of these devices also make it difficult to access internal nodes and achieve good fault coverage.  Technology trends, such as increases in device leakage currents, have reduced the effectiveness of alternative tests such as IDDQ. This research is designed to address these short-coming by investigating device transient and novel quiescent signal techniques.


  • Dr. James F. Plusquellic   (plusquel@csee.umbc.edu)
  • Chintal Patel   (cpatel2@csee.umbc.edu)
  • Abhishek Singh   (abhishek@csee.umbc.edu)
  • Sanat Kamal Bahl   (skamal2@csee.umbc.edu)
  • Smita Pawar   (psmita1@csee.umbc.edu)
  • Dhruva Jyoti Acharyya   (adhruva1@csee.umbc.edu)
  • New Students for FALL 2002

  • Pushkar Pulastya
  • Tushar Chaubal
  • Mikhail Itshovich





  • IBM ACAS Faculty Partnership Research Grant
  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
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