Below is a list of posters accepted to ACM I3D 2014.

Fully Parallel Kd-Tree Construction for Real-Time Ray Tracing
Zonghui Li, Tong Wang, Yangdong Deng
Interactive 3D Cloud Modelling with a Brush Painting Interface
Chen Wei, James Gain, Patrick Marais
Out-of-Core Ray Batching on a Commodity Cluster
Myungbae Son, Sung-Eui Yoon
Texture Mapping for 3D Painting using Geodesic Distance
Songgang Xu, John Keyser
Shadow Map Silhouette Revectorization
Vladimir Bondarev

Submission Deadline: Dec 20, 2013 11:59 PST

What to submit?
Poster and demo submissions should consist of a one-page extended abstract in PDF format. The abstract must follow the ACM SIGGRAPH formatting guidelines for poster abstracts (linked below). Copyright space is not necessary. All extended abstracts will be included in the ACM Digital Library (DL). Note that this still allows you to submit your work as a full paper to another conference or journal.

How to submit?
Use the precision conference system to submit online. Supporting material and multimedia may be submitted for review. Submissions will be single blind, so anonymity is not required.

Useful links:

Important Dates

Unless otherwise specified
all deadlines are at
11:59pm PST.

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