JKP, the Java Kif Parser

Latest Version: jkp1.0

Last Updated: March 7, 1997


JKP, the Java Kif Parser, is part of my term project. Current version of this parser is aimed at SKIF, a subset of KIF (Knowledge Interchange Format). This subset is sufficent to support Horn-Clause-Based logical inference, which also meets the need of my project. I may extend it to handle the whole KIF when I feel like to do so, or if someone needs such a "complete" parser.

When a KIF sentence is parsed with jkp, the result is a Java Kif object, which is an internal represention of the sentence. This internal representation reveals the logical structure of the corresponding sentence and is ready for further manipulation, for example, converting to another logical language and then feeding it to the corresponding inference engine. If someone wants to write a inference engine for KIF, that would be better. This version of jkp has been experimentally integrated with the UMBC CIIMPLEX project demonstration, and works just fine.

The parser is developed with the help of JB (Java Bison Parser Runtime) and FLEX (Fast Lexical Analyzer Generator). To run the parser, you need the jbf package from JB. I have included a copy of the jbf package in the tar file.

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Download the jkp package(It's free).

Here is the README , or

View the class document.

For more info/ suggestions/ bug report, please contact xluan1@cs.umbc.edu