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Knowledge Interchange Format

Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) is a computer-oriented language for the interchange of knowledge among disparate programs. It has declarative semantics (i.e. the meaning of expressions in the representation can be understood without appeal to an interpreter for manipulating those expressions); it is logically comprehensive (i.e. it provides for the expression of arbitrary sentences in the first-order predicate calculus); it provides for the representation of knowledge about the representation of knowledge; it provides for the representation of nonmonotonic reasoning rules; and it provides for the definition of objects, functions, and relations.

KIF 101

KIF101 - a brief non-technical introduction to KIF


  • KIF Specification
  • Model Theoretic Semantics in TeX
  • Standard Ontologies
  • Open Issues, Tabled Issues, and Decisions
  • KIF Electronic Forum and ANSI KIF Ad Hoc Group

    KIF Version 3

    The Manual for Version 3 ( postscript version)

    KIF related software

  • Prologic a common lisp knowledge representation and reasoning system compatible with KIF
  • EPILOG a common lisp inference system compatible with KIF
  • JKP -- a Java Kif Parser which can parse ascii strings representing sentences in a subset of KIF into a Java representation which encodes the logical structure and is ready for further manipulation
  • a C parser for the Knowledge Interchange Format
  • IBM Agent Building Environment -- A toolkit for building intelligent agent applications [an error occurred while processing this directive]