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  • RDF(0) - aliasalias


  • Modeling Ontologies in RDF 4/24/00 Who points to it? 12 - An Extensible Approach for Modeling Ontologies in RDF, Staab et al., proposes a strategy for enriching RDF with logicand inference.

  • Protege KB editor/browser 4/13/00 Who points to it? 12 - Protege-2000 is a knowledge-based systems editor and browser (jave, open sourced) allows domain experts to build knowledge-based systems by creating and modifying reusable ontologies and problem-solving methods. It has recetly been adapted to work with RDF files.

  • RDF Tutorial 3/30/00 Who points to it? 11 - A tutorial on RDF by Pierre-Antoine Champincovering syntax, semantics, concepts can vocabulary.

  • XML Database Products 3/25/00 Who points to it? 17 - A good resource compiled and maintained by Ronald Bourret whicxh described dozensof products useful for integrating XML with database and knowledge base systems.

  • Simple Logic-based RDF Interpreter 3/30/00 Who points to it? 11 - SiLRI is a main-memory logic-based inference engine implemented in Java which implements a major part of Frame-Logic and has support for RDF. The implemented semantics include well-founded semantics and the rulelanguage allows general logic programs, enabling a specification like modeling.

  • XML and the Second Generation Web 3/30/00 Who points to it? 12 - Scientific American: Feature Article: XML and the Second Generation Web: May 1999

  • XML, Java, and the Future of the Web 3/30/00 Who points to it? 10 - XML, Java, and the Future of the Web, Jon Bosak , December 19, 1997 -- an excerpt from the world wide web journal.

  • W3C QL98 Position Paper: RDF - Enabling Inferencing 3/30/00 Who points to it? 11 - This paper presents an overview of the query services that might be built on top of XML/RDF data. It does not present a specific proposal for anRDF query language; instead, it argues for a query language that is expressed in terms of the RDF logical data model rather than one particularconcrete syntax

  • Mozillation project 4/8/00 Who points to it? 14 - The Mozillation project wraps a logic engine (SWI Prolog) as a Mozilla XP-COM component to allow client-side inferences to be made from RDF statements (works with Netscape 6!).

  • Enabling Inference in Mozilla 4/8/00 Who points to it? 13 - an umbrella project for experimental work investigating the integration of logic/inference capabilities into the Mozilla application environment.

  • Dave Beckett's RDF Resources 6/29/00 Who points to it? 18 - An excellant collection of links to RDF documents, papers, research efforts, software, examples, applications and related work.

  • Extreme Markup Languages 9/22/00 Who points to it? 23 - A short article on on the GCA Extreme Markup Languages 2000 conference held in August

  • Is XML killing the web? 10/23/00 Who points to it? 16 - A controversial posting to the XML developers list by John Dvorakclaiming that "XML is killing the Web" by introducing many divergentstandards, brought many strong reactions, both for and against thesentiments expressed. Leigh Dodds on has covered thedebate in his XML-Deviant column, "XML Reduced", which questionswhether the incessant multiplication of XML standards is leading toconfusion, and discusses what is the real minimum a developer needsto know about XML in order to do useful work. (

  • Understanding ebXML 6/15/01 Who points to it? 14 - Understanding ebXML --Untangling the business Web of the future, David Mertz, IBM DeveloperWorks Site Provides an overview of ebXML. ebXML is a set of specifications that together enable amodular electronic business framework. The vision of ebXML is toenable a global electronic marketplace where enterprises of anysize and in any geographical location can meet and conductbusiness with each other through the exchange of XML-basedmessages.

  • XML in 10 points 12/7/01 Who points to it? 13 - "XML, XLink, Namespace, DTD, Schema,CSS, XHTML ... If you are new to XML, it may be hard to know where to begin. This summary in 10 points attempts to capture enough of the basic concepts to enable a beginner to see the forest through the trees. And if you are giving a presentation on XML, why not start with these 10 points?"

  • Does XML Suck? 8/14/02 Who points to it? 12 - This site ( has a slides prepared by Aaron Crane on the downsides of XML technology. The slides were prepared in XML.

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