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  • Agentcities 8/8/01 Who points to it? 26 - Agentcities is a global, open collaborative initiative involving researchersand projects from many countries and research areas. Our objective is toconstruct a worldwide, open network of on-line systems hosting diverse agentbased services which can interact with one another dynamically, autonomouslyand intelligently to form new compound services.

  • Agent Network Services 10/31/01 Who points to it? 17 - The Agentcities project ( has deployedAgentcities platforms for 14 cities around the world. Agentcities isan initiative that aims create a next generation Internet based upon aworldwide network of agent-based interoperable services havingexplicit representation of the capabilities that they offer. Theultimate aim is to enable the dynamic, intelligent and autonomouscomposition of services to achieve user and business goals, therebycreating compound services to address changing needs. A live readout( of the platforms are up/down and othernetwork services is available. Eight different implementations of theFIPA agent standard ( are represented in thenetwork including six Open Source implementations. More informationand news is acvailable

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