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  • "Agent-Oriented Software Engineering" 3/3/00 Who points to it? 19 - N Jennings and M Wooldridge (2000) "Agent-Oriented Software Engineering" in Handbook ofAgent Technology (ed. J Bradshaw) AAAI/MIT Press. (to appear)

  • "On Agent-Based Software Engineering" 4/9/00 Who points to it? 15 - N R Jennings (2000) "On Agent-Based Software Engineering" Artificial Intelligence, 117 (2) 277-296.

  • MASSIVE Development Method for Multiagent Systems 10/15/00 Who points to it? 18 - J├╝rgen Lind, The MASSIVE Development Method for Multiagent Systems, In Proceedings of the Fifth InternationalConference on the Practical Application of Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agents (PAAM2000), Manchester,2000.

  • UML Diagrams for Agent Architectures 10/24/00 Who points to it? 15 - A collection of UML diagrams developed by Jose VIdal designed to help studentswho want to implement some of the most common agentarchitectures using an object oriented programming language.

  • 6/30/01 Who points to it? 17 - agentlab is the home of the MASSIVE developmentmethod. It also provides additional informationon Software Engineering in general and formultiagent systems in particular.

  • Autonomic Computing 5/7/02 Who points to it? 13 - "Computer hardware increases in speed and capacity by factors ofthousands each decade; computer software piles on new features andfancier interfaces nearly as fast. So why do computers still waste our timeand drive us crazy? Programs crash, people make mistakes,networks grow and change. That's life, and computer scientists arefinally building systems that can deal with it." (Scientific American)

  • MAS software engineering survey 1/3/03 Who points to it? 29 - The University of Sydney invites people to participate in a survey on

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