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  • What IS CORBA? 2/7/00 Who points to it? 15 - What is CORBA? by the Object Management Group (OMG) presents thebasic concepts of CORBA in a short statement.

  • E-speak - the platform for e-services 1/4/00 Who points to it? 12 - eSpeak is HP's framework for distributed ecommerce applications. It's written in Java and bears amny similarities to other communication, knowledge sharing and coordination frameworks, including Jini and agent-based languages like KQML. HP has open-sourced eSpeak.

  • A Brief Tutorial on CORBA 2/7/00 Who points to it? 13 - This tutorial aims to give a short, practical introduction to the The Object Management Group's Common ObjectRequest Broker Architecture (CORBA) -- Kate Keahey

  • Inside SOAP ( 2/13/00 Who points to it? 12 - A technical introduction to the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) protocoll for remote procedure calls over the web.

  • SOAP: The Simple Object Access Protocol -- MIND January 2000 3/19/00 Who points to it? 11 - SOAP is an XML/HTTP-based protocol for accessing services, objects and servers in a platform-independent manner.

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