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  • Principia Cybernetica Web 3/17/01 Who points to it? 22 - Principia Cybernetica aims to develop a completephilosophy or "world-view", based on the principles of evolutionarycybernetics, and supported by collaborative computer technologies.

  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 3/17/01 Who points to it? 18 - the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, is a dynamic encyclopedia of entries for all areas of philosophy, icluding many relevant to agents, cognitive science and AI.

  • Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind 3/17/01 Who points to it? 18 - A free on line dictionary of topics relating to the philosophy of the mind edited by Chris Eliasmith of the Washington University in St. Louis

  • The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy 1/22/02 Who points to it? 23 - The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy was founded by James Fieser ofthe University of Tennessee at Martin. Articles include originalcontributions by specialists, and adaptations of classroom materialand public domain sources.

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