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  • Fast, Cheap & Out of Control 10/14/01 Who points to it? 14 - This 1997 documentary film directed by the accomplished Errol Morris features a segment on Rod Brooks and his approach to building robots, from which the title is derived.

  • Doctor Satan's Robot 10/14/01 Who points to it? 14 - This is a 100 minute compilation drawn from the fifteen part serial made in 1940. "The fiendish criminal mastermind Dr. Satan, (Eduardo Ciannelli), has created a robot army to enable him to conquer the world, but the mysteriously masked

  • A Beautiful Mind 10/19/01 Who points to it? 14 - Dreamworks is filming a movie based on Sylvia Nasar's biography "ABeautiful Mind" on John Nash, the famous mathematician and Nobellaureate who made important contributions to game theory, including theconcept of Nash Equilibrium. It will be a big budget picture directedby Ron Howard, adding some unique production values, at least judgingfrom this trailer. Like a muscular Russell Crowe as John Nash, givinglectures in a T-shirt to his class, which includes the comely loveinterest, played by Jennifer Connelley. And then there's Ed Harris assome kind of gun toting government heavy who enlists Nash to helpcrack crypto codes. The trailer looks quite exciting with car chases,gun fights, cars plunging into rivers, and some passionate scenes. Iguess Nash was the Good Will Hunting of the Greatest Generation.

  • HAL's Legacy 12/11/01 Who points to it? 26 - HAL's Legacy is a video broadcast on PBS in the US written and narrated by David Stork, author of the book by the same name.

  • Apple knowledge navigator video 8/21/02 Who points to it? 24 - Many years ago, Hugh Dubberly and Doris Mitsch of Apple wrote a great technology-forecast film/commercial -- The Knowledge Navigator -- which is still exciting today (15MB quicktime).

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