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  • Artificial Intelligence 12/2/99 Who points to it? 25 - Artificial Intelligence, which commenced publication in 1970, is now the generally accepted international forum for the publication of results of current research in this field. The journal welcomes basic and applied papers describing mature work involving computational accounts of aspects of intelligence. Specifically, it welcomes papers on: automated reasoning, computational theories of learning, heuristic search, knowledge representation, qualitative physics, signal, image and speech understanding, robotics, natural language understanding software and hardware architectures for AI. The journal reports results achieved; proposals for new ways of looking at AI problems must include demonstrations of effectiveness. From time to time, the journal publishes survey articles.

  • Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 12/2/99 Who points to it? 26 - The aim of the Journal is to provide a forum for disseminating significant new results in the foundations, development, analysis, and applications of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems.

  • Knowledge and Information Systems 12/2/99 Who points to it? 20 - Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal published by Springer-Verlag. It provides an international forum for researchers and professionals to share their knowledge and report new advances on all topics related to knowledge systems and advanced information systems. The journal focuses on knowledge systems and advanced information systems, including their theoretical foundations, infrastructure and enabling technologies.

  • IEEE Intelligent Systems 12/2/99 Who points to it? 24 - IEEE Intelligent Systems, a bimonthly publication of the IEEE Computer Society, covers new tools, techniques, concepts, and current research and development activities in intelligent systems. The magazine serves software engineers, systems designers, information managers, knowledge engineers, and professionals in finance, manufacturing, medicine, law, and geophysical sciences.

  • Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 12/2/99 Who points to it? 17 - JAIR (ISSN 1076-9757) covers all areas of artificial intelligence (AI), publishing refereed research articles, survey articles, and technical notes. Established in 1993 as one of the first electronic scientific journals, JAIR is indexed by INSPEC, Science Citation Index, and MathSciNet. JAIR reviews papers within approximately two months of submission and publishes accepted articles on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions. JAIR articles are published for free distribution on the internet by the AI Access Foundation, and for purchase in bound volumes by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

  • IEEE Concurrency 1/25/00 Who points to it? 15

  • IJCIS 1/25/00 Who points to it? 12 - International Journal of CooperativeInformation Systems.

  • Artificial Intelligence Review 1/25/00 Who points to it? 0

  • Computational Intelligence 1/25/00 Who points to it? 13

  • IEEE Expert 1/25/00 Who points to it? 12

  • Journal of Automated Reasoning 1/25/00 Who points to it? 16

  • Journal of Intelligent Systems 1/25/00 Who points to it? 14

  • Knowledge-Based Systems 1/25/00 Who points to it? 16

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence - Journal 1/25/00 Who points to it? 19 - Applied Artificial Intelligence addresses concerns in applied research and applications of artificial intelligence(AI). The journal also acts as a medium for exchanging ideas and thoughts about impacts of AI research.Articles highlight advances in uses of AI systems for solving tasks in management, industry, engineering,administration, and education; evaluations of existing AI systems and tools, emphasizing comparative studiesand user experiences; and/or economic, social, and cultural impacts of AI. Information on key applications,highlighting methods, time schedules, person-months needed, and other relevant material is welcome.

  • Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, Journal 1/25/00 Who points to it? 18 - Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence (JETAI) is advancing scientific research inartificial intelligence (AI) by providing a public forum for the presentation, evaluation and criticism of researchresults, the discussion of methodological issues, and the communication of positions, preliminary findings andresearch directions. JETAI features work in all subfields of AI research that adopts a scientific rather thanengineering methodology, focusing on work in cognitive science, problem-solving, perception, learning,knowledge representation, memory and neural system modelling. All papers are peer-reviewed.

  • ETAI - Electronic Transactions on AI 2/17/00 Who points to it? 16 - ETAI stands for the Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (ETAI), and it is anovel kind of scientific journal and communication medium. In fact, it takes an entirely newperspective on communication between researchers, and more specifically thecommunication within specialized fields of research. We believe that this communication willtake dramatically new forms due to the availability of Internet technology. Please visit thevarious parts of the ETAI Junction webpage structure to see this new medium for research inactual operation.

  • Journal of Artifical Societies and Social Simulation 4/9/00 Who points to it? 17 - JASS is a quarterly electronic peer-reviewd journal "for the exploration and understanding of social processes by means of computer simulations."

  • Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines 4/18/00 Who points to it? 15 - Kluwer is publishing a new journal, Genetic Programming and EvolvableMachines, edited by Wolfgang Banzhaf, "devoted to reporting innovativeand significant progress in automatic evolution of software andhardware".

  • IEEE Internet Computing 8/29/00 Who points to it? 20 - Internet Computing frequently has articles on agent-based technologies and hasat least one special issue per year on agents

  • International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools 12/10/00 Who points to it? 24 - The International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools (IJAIT)provides an interdisciplinary forum in which scientists and AIprofessionals can share their knowledge and report new advances onAI tools. It is a medium for promoting general and/or special purposetools, which are very important for the evolution of science andmanipulation of the old and new forms of knowledge. IJAIT can alsobe used as a test ground for new AI tools.

  • Web Intelligence Consortium Introduction 12/20/02 Who points to it? 34

  • Web Semantics journal 1/16/03 Who points to it? 33 - "Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web"

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