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  • dynamics of multiagent systems 6/21/00 Who points to it? 19 - A set of pages highlighting work at Xerox Parc by the Internet Ecologies group (Huberman, Hogg, et al).

  • ABE Research Group 12/2/99 Who points to it? 15 - This web page serves as a central directory for the ABE Research Group at Stanford University's Center for Design Research (CDR). This group strives to bring a practical, application oriented approach to agent technology, in addition to making theoretical in-roads into this field. The majority of our current work is focussed on applying agent-based technology to the engineering design process -- design decision support, concurrent engineering and collaborative design.

  • HP Labs Agent Technology Group 12/2/99 Who points to it? 13 - In the HPLB Agent Technology Group we are interested in the design and development of social agent communities. By social we mean that the dialogue between human users and agents acting on their behalf draws on metaphors and techniques from social interaction between human beings, such as goal sharing, negotiation and delegation. We are studying communities of many agents because we are interested in how communication, co-operation and negotiation can take place between software agents. Some of this co-operation arises from social interactions between the agents themselves. Our current focus is on automated trading using economic agents, initially for business to business e-commerce applications. We are a small team of 5 full time researchers. We usually have a small number of students working with us, and have several academic partners.

  • Intelligent Agents at IBM 12/2/99 Who points to it? 15 - Embeddable Intelligent Agents for Networked Applications(including Internet)

  • BT - Intelligent agents 12/2/99 Who points to it? 14 - The Agents Research Programme is conducted by members of BT Laboratories' Intelligent Systems Research (ISR) Group. Our work concerns Agents: software entities that are capable of intelligently interacting with other agents and, just as importantly, other people.

  • hp labs - agent technology 1/31/01 Who points to it? 42 - "Our current research interests in agent technology span a number of disparateareas: e-commerce negotiation, artificial life, identity and privacy on the web. The underlying theme for this work is that we no longer see agent research as aseparate activity, distinct from other areas of reseach endeavour. Instead, weaim to integrate agent and alife inspired solutions and technologies withresearch into the domain applications they can support. Our agent researchteam is now a collaboration of researchers in different application teams,different parts of the HPLabs organisation - even different continents!"

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