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  • Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (NCARAI) 12/19/99 Who points to it? 14 - The Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (NCARAI) has been involved in both basic and applied research in artificial intelligence since its inception in 1982. NCARAI, part of the Information Technology Division within the Naval Research Laboratory, is engaged in research and development efforts designed to address the application of artificial intelligence technology and techniques to critical Navy and national problems.

  • Oak Ridge Collaborative Technologies Research Center 3/15/00 Who points to it? 17 - The Collaborative Technologies Research Center (CTRC) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratoryperforms fundamental and applied research in intelligent software agents, information integration, and softwareengineering. CTRC capabilities have broad applicability in science, engineering, business and management,education, and national defense. Inparticular, the CTRC is currently a leader in the development ofcollaborative problem solving environments and in the application of intelligent agent-based technology to advancedscientific and engineering problems.

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