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  • Design of Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems 1/22/00 Who points to it? 21 - A 5-day course with half theory and half practice offered by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on a semi-regular basis.

  • 2000 Complex Systems Summer School 2/3/00 Who points to it? 19 - Offered by the Santa Fe Institute, this is an intensive four-week introduction to complexbehavior in mathematical, physical and biological systems, intendedfor graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. No tuition ischarged.

  • EASSS - European Agent Systems Summer School 5/16/00 Who points to it? 13 - The Second European Agent Systems Summer School (EASSS'2000) will be held at Saarbruecken, Germany, August 14 - 18, 2000. The school willconsist of a mixture of introductory and advanced courses presented by internationally leading experts in thefield and cover the full range of theoretical and practical aspectsof agent-based computing.

  • 2001 Complex Systems Summer Schools 12/29/00 Who points to it? 23 - The Santa Fe Summer School, administered by the Santa Fe Institute,will be held June 10 to July 7, 2001, in Santa Fe, NMat St. John's College in Santa Fe. The Budapest Summerschool will be held July 16 to August 10, 2001, atCentral European University in Budapest. Each school will be an intensive introduction to complex behavior inmathematical, physical, living, and social systems for graduatestudents and postdoctoral fellows in the sciences and socialsciences. Each school is open to students and postdocs in all countries. The application deadline isFebruary 5, 2001.

  • ACAI-01: Agent Systems Summer School 3/10/01 Who points to it? 19 - The ACAI-01 course will present the current state of the art in theoretical foundations ofMulti-Agent Systems (MAS) as well as demonstrate the applicability of these systems in manypractical tasks. The presentations will highlight different aspects and viewpoints of this recentlyestablished and very active scientific field. ACAI-01 course will be held in the Czech Technical University in Prague July 2-13, 2001.

  • Complexity in Social Science Summer School 1/22/02 Who points to it? 20 - The Complexity in Social Science (COSI) Summer School will be held in Chania, Crete from the 30th June -6th July 2002. The Summer School will provide an introduction to the essential concepts of complex systemstheory, such as non-determinism, emergence, self-organisation, chaos, etc. Using examples from the socialsciences, speakers will illustrate the practical application of complex systems theory and show the benefits thatsuch an approach may bring. Techniques for analysing, modelling and simulating complex social systems will bepresented. The Summer School is intended for doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers from alldisciplines who are interested in understanding the fundamental concepts of complex systems theory and itspractical application in the social sciences.

  • European Agent Systems Summer School 2002 in Bologna Italy 2/27/02 Who points to it? 15 - EASSS 2002 will consist of a mixture of introductory and advanced courses delivered byinternationally leading experts in the MAS field, and will cover the full range of theoretical andpractical aspects of agent-based computing.

  • PLANET International Summer School on AI Planning 2002 4/15/02 Who points to it? 22 - PLANET International Summer School on AI Planning: Greece, September 16-22, 2002. An agent that deliberates about its future behaviour is planning. This summer school will introduce the broad range of current planning approaches, and ways of making them realistically usable for complex problem-solving.

  • 2003 Americas' agents summer school 10/17/02 Who points to it? 29 - The second Americas' school on agents and multiagent systems will be

  • Eurolan 2003 2/2/03 Who points to it? 27 - There will be a summer school on "The Semantic Web and Language

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