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  • Tutorial: Mobile Software Agents for Dynamic Routing 2/13/00 Who points to it? 45 - Tutorial: Mobile Software Agents for Dynamic Routing, Mobile Computing and CommunicationsReview, v3n2, Kwin Kramer, Nelson Minar, Pattie Maes. As portable digital devices of all kinds proliferate, wireless networks that allow for flexible, timely and efficient datacommunication become more and more important. Networks for mobile devices are quite difficult to design forseveral reasons, chief among them the problem of routing packets across networks characterized by constantlychanging topology. In this article we describe ways to address the routing problem using a new technique fordistributed programming, mobile software agents.

  • Agent-based communication projects 2/14/00 Who points to it? 33 - A page of URLS to projects using agents for telecommunications, maintained by A. Hayzelden.

  • Software Agents for Future Communications Systems 2/14/00 Who points to it? 31 - Edited by Alex Hayzelden and John Bigham. This book contains fifteen chapters written byleading agent and communications researchers. Chapters discuss issues associated with theadoption of the multi-agent systems approach, economic techniques, mobile agents and mobileframeworks.Published by Springer Verlag, ISBN 3-540-65578-6.

  • Agent Technology in Communications Systems: An Overview 2/14/00 Who points to it? 30 - Agent Technology in Communications Systems: An Overview (An extensive overview of agenttechnology applied to various communications systems problems)Alex L.G. Hayzelden and John Bigham.Appears in Knowledge Engineering Review, Vol:14, No. 4. 1999.

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