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  • Transportable agents for wireless networks 2/18/00 Who points to it? 35 - The ActComm Project on Transportable Agents and Wireless Networks isfunded by the Air Force Office Of Scientific Research through aDepartment of Defense Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative(MURI) grant.

  • Project Impulse (MIT Media Lab) 1/3/00 Who points to it? 18 - "n this research project we explore a scenario in whiche-commerce meets "brick-and-mortar" commercethrough a system of buying and selling agents(representing individual consumers and retailersrespectively) that engage in multi-parameter negotiationand run on wireless mobile devices. Agents representingwell-informed consumers and participating merchantsmeet one to one on equal footing to seek agreement onthe terms of a consumer purchase." (MIT Media Lab)

  • UMBC DNA project 1/3/00 Who points to it? 25 - The Dynamic Negotiating Agents project is exploring how software agents, mobile hosts, mobile users and wireless communication will fit together.

  • Software Radio - Cognitive Radio 3/19/00 Who points to it? 26 - Joseph Mitola (MITRE) discusses ideas for adding intelligence to radio-based applications, including the role of agent technology.

  • Personal Agents for Mobility Management (PAMM) 3/21/00 Who points to it? 28 - The Personal Agent Mobility Management System (PAMMS), a personal communicationsresearch initiative set in motion in January 1998, uses an intelligent agent community to facilitateunified messaging. This flexible, scalable and adaptable system acts on user preferences to handlemessages that are in different forms (e.g. email, text, voice, FAX etc.), that are passed throughdifferent networks (e.g. telephony, wireless, Internet, PSTN etc.) and that utilize differentprotocols (e.g. HTTP, POP, TAPI etc.).

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