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  • Processlink 1/28/00 Who points to it? 27 - A project at Stanford's center for design research using "agent based concurrent design" to enable "multidisciplinary design engineers to track and coordinate their design decisionswith each other, even when not co-located or working with the same software. "

  • RAPPID Project 1/28/00 Who points to it? 24 - RAPPID, funded at ERIM by DARPA's RaDEO program, is a community of agents (active software objects withvarying degrees of intelligence) that help human designers manage product characteristics across different functions andstages in the product life cycle. Agents represent not only design tools and humans with a stake in the design (includingdesigners, manufacturing engineers, and marketing and support staff), but also the components of the design itself, andthe characteristic of each component. These agents trade with one another for design constraints, requirements, andmanufacturing alternatives, and the resulting marketplace provides a self-organizing dynamic that yields more rationaldesigns faster than conventional techniques.

  • Multi-Agent Intelligent Design 1/28/00 Who points to it? 28 - Balasubramanian and Norrie, University of Calgary -- A multi-agent architecture has been developed for the integration of design, manufacturing, and shop floor controlactivities.

  • Towards the use of DAI in collaborative building design 1/28/00 Who points to it? 18

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