How to run Modula on

I have installed a copy of the Garden Points Modula-2 compiler in my account on It only works under Linux.

The file modulasetup can be used to establish the environment variables needed for gpmodula.

To use the modula compiler, try this:

The first time you do this, make a symbolic link to the modulasetup file using the command:
'ln -s /afs/ modulasetup'
(That's all one line, without the quotes.) You only have to do this once. This command creates a file called modulasetup in your directory. Look at it if you want to - it just sets some environment variables, as well as adding a directory to your path. Then, whenever you begin a session of Modula coding,

  1. Invoke the csh, if that's not your default shell, by typing 'csh' (without the quotes)
  2. Execute the modulasetup file by typing 'source modulasetup'. (By the way, I recommend against putting these commands in your .cshrc file.)
  3. To run the compiler, on a program called foo.mod (for example), type 'gpmodula foo.mod'. This should create two files, namely foo.o and foo.rfx.
  4. To create an executable binary, type 'build foo'. This should create a file called foo, which you can run by typing 'foo' in the usual UNIX fashion.