f Projects, CMSC 341 Fall 2015


The Projects:

All projects are on BlackBoard

Project Development

As long as your projects compile and run on the GL servers (linux1 or linux2) you are free to use whatever development tools you want. However, we recommend that you use either the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or Visual Studio 2012, which is widely used in industry. Eclipse is designed to assist you when writing C++/Java applications. Eclipse is available on the PCs located in the OIT labs. If you prefer to work on your own PC, the ‘Eclipse IDE for C++ Developers” may be downloaded free of charge from www.eclipse.org.

Program Compilation

The TAs will use either linux1 or linux2 to compile and test your program. Therefore, ALL PROJECTS must compile and execute on linux1 and linux2.

Note that the GL Linux servers are NOT running C++11. If you develop your projects on your own PC, be sure that you are using at least C99 are recommended.

Using a Makefile

The Makefile is a tool for compiling large C++-based projects. The scripts that compile and execute your projects will use the Makefile, so you must be sure that your code can be compiled using a Makefile as well.

To remove class files and backup files (those ending in ~), use this command line:

To compile your program, use this command line:


make clean

To execute your program, use this command line:

make run

Standards and Style

All projects should adhere to the Java coding standards found in the course coding standards document unless otherwise directed. Each project will be evaluated on these guidelines. Failure to follow these criteria will result in a lower project score.

Project Submission and Policies

Projects will be submitted for grading using the shared directories on GL. (See Project Submission.) All projects will be submitted as .cpp files.

Do familiarize yourself with these course policies:

Project Re-grades and follow-ups

Remember, graders are human. If you believe your project was graded in error you can see the TAs IN PERSON during thier office hours. This makes the overall process and satisfaction much better. Emails will not be returned reguarding grading. You will only have a week and a half from the original due date to get your project checked out since it will be moved off of GL to save space.

Project Due date/time

A script automatically closes the directoy at 8:59:59 PM. This is not done by a human!! Please be diligent.