Homework assignments are designed to help you prepare for exams. Each homework assignment will contain a few questions which are similar to those you might expect on your instructor's exam. There are six (6) homework assignments given throughout the semester each equally weighted. All 6 homework assignments will be used in the calculation of your final grade.

Submission Procedures

1. Submit an electronic file less than 10 MB in pdf form. If greater than 10 MB, please submit a hard copy.
2. A hardcopy is not required if you submitted an electronic copy.
3. The electronic file MUST be named HWXusername.pdf.

X = HW number

4. Homeworks must be submitted in class if in hardcopy form. Since your class may not meet on the day the assignment is due, plan ahead and hand it in the last class BEFORE the due date. Sliding Homework under Instrucutor's door or mailbox is prohibited. A grade of zero will be given for any homework assignment not turned in on time.

The Assignments

Are listed in your BlackBoard page.