Picture ID is REQUIRED for all exams

All exams will be closed-book and closed-notes. In the case of a verifiable medical excuse or other such dire circumstance, arrangements must be made with your instructor immediately for a makeup exam. You are responsible for initiating these arrangements.

Study guides are provided to assist you in preparation for the exams. They cover the major topics covered during lectures and labs.

Although some study guide questions may appear on exams, not all exam questions are taken from the guides. Additionally, the format of the questions on the exams may be different from those on the study guides.

Excersises from the textbook are also a good source of review material.

Exams 1 and 2 will be held in your regular classroom, during your regular class time. You must take the exam for the section in which you are enrolled. The final exam is given in your regular class during the final exam period specified for your section.

Math and Asymptotic Anaylyis Chapter 2 docx pdf
Lists Section 3.1 — 3.5 docx pdf
Stacks and Queues Sections 3.6 — 3.7 docx pdf
General Trees Sections 4.1 — 4.2 docx pdf
Binary Search Trees Section 4.3 docx pdf
Splay Trees Section 4.5 docx pdf
Red Black Trees Section 12.2 docx pdf
K-d Trees Section 12.6 docx pdf
Heaps / Priority Queues Sections 6.1 — 6. 4 and 6.6 docx pdf
B-Trees Section 4.7 docx pdf
Treaps Section 12.5 docx pdf
Probablistic Skiplists None docx pdf
Hashing Sections 5.1 — 5.4 docx pdf
Disjoint Sets Chapter 8 docx pdf
Graphs Sections 9.1 — 9.3 docx pdf

*Not all topics are covered this semester. Consult the course schedule.