UMBC CMSC 331 Fall 2012
Principles of Programming Languages
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This course examines the semantics of programming languages. Topics include formal specifications of syntax, declarations, binding, allocation, data structures, data types, control structures, control and data flow, and the implementation and execution of programs and functional programming versus imperative programming. Other possible topics include non-procedural and logic programming, object-oriented programming and program verification. Programming projects will provide experience in several languages. Prerequisite: CMSC 202 and CMSC 203.


Programming Languages, Allen Tucker and Robert Noonan, McGraw Hill, second edition. (the first edition is also acceptable)

When and Where

Mon-Wed 4-5:15, ITE 233

Course schedule is under construction, latest version available under the "Schedule" tab.


Charles Nicholas
nicholas at umbc dot edu
ITE 356
Office Hours: Tue/Thu 4:00-5:00

Teaching Assistant

Chayutra ("Charlie") Pailom
cpailom at umbc dot edu
ITE 340
Office Hours: Tue/Thu 3:00-4:00