NOTE: This is only a sample to give you an idea of what to expect. The point distributions on the actual grading form will be different. Grading forms are designed specifically for each project.

CMSC 202 : Computer Science II (Fall 04) ============================================ Project #4 Toy Hierarchy Due: 11:59pm, Sunday Nov 2th Name: IMA STUDENT UMBC Id: istudent Section # : 0202 Submit date and time: Nov 2, 2004 11:58pm General Deductions 50 points - compiler/linker errors, grade for design and standards -- points - for segfault/infinite loop, deduct all points for the test that failed 5 points - compler warning(s) 5 points - makefile error; build project manually Correctness (85 points) 5 points - (1) toys too big, so empty boxes shipped (p4t1.dat) 5 points - (2) all toys shipped, no boxes destroyed (p4t2.dat) 5 points - (3a) all toys shipped, some boxes destroyed (p4t3.dat) 5 points - (3b) constructor/destructor counts match 5 points - (4a) all boxes used, some toys not packed (p4t4.dat) 5 points - (4b) c'tor/d'tor counts diff by number toys not delivered 10 points - (5) manufacturing & delivering Square Toys (p4t5.dat) (a) all fit into boxes (b) not all fit 10 points - (6) manufacturing & delivering Rod Toys (p4t6.dat) (a) all fit into boxes (b) not all fit 10 points - (7) manufacturing & delivering all toy types (p4t7.dat) 5 points - (8) all required information present counts, colors, dimensions, summary, etc 10 points - (9) Proper class implementation proper use of virtual functions, TinkerToy pointers, cloning, overloaded operators, etc 10 points - (10) Design Assignment - Toy Hierarchy Style and Standards (15 points) Follows course coding standards. Refer to coding standard summary. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pts. lost: xx Score: xxx/100 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comments: Late Penalty: Final Score: