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Discussion Sections

  • Discussion Outlines
  • Session # Topic Note
    1 Overview of email, editors, ...To be held in ECS 336
    2 data types, IO, operators, if, while, forTo be held in regular rooms
    3 for, nested for, switch, do while, functionsCoding Standards & Style
    4 functions,tracing, random #s, top-down design, seperate compilationDiscussion of Proj 1
    5 arrays, passing arrays, sorting, searching Questions about Proj 2
    6 pointers, call by referenceQuestions about Proj 2
    7 pointers, call by reference, mallocMidterm review
    8 characters, ctype library, strings, string library Get back Midterm
    9 I/O, streams, structsDiscussion of Proj 3
    10 self-referencing structsDiscussion of Proj 3
    11 Abstract Data Types Discussion of Proj 4
    12 Linked Lists & The Queue Discussion of Proj 4
    13 Queues and Stacks Discussion of Proj 5

    Chart of Discussion Meeting Places

    SectionTA nameTA emailRegular room Day & Time
    101 Aimn Blbol ablbol@cs.umbc.edu SS 208 Mon 2-2:50 PM
    102 Aimn Blbol ablbol@cs.umbc.edu SS 206 Wed 2-2:50 PM
    103 Dawn Fornaro dforna1@cs.umbc.edu MP 106 Mon 9-9:50 AM
    104 Dawn Fornaro dforna1@cs.umbc.edu SS 111 Tues 9-9:50 AM
    201 Daniel Heinz dheinz1@gl.umbc.eduCP 206 Tues 7-7:50 PM
    202 Daniel Heinz dheinz1@gl.umbc.edu CP 206 Thur 7-7:50 PM
    203 Nikhil Bhadange bhadange@cs.umbc.edu MP 008 Tues 7-7:50 PM

  • When do I go to the lab ?
  • During the week of 2/2 those of you that are not familiar with email, netscape, the unix system and the text editors available at UMBC are to go to the lab indicated on the schedule shown below instead of your normally scheduled discussion section meeting.

    One of the exercises in this lab will be to send an email to your TA that consists of your name, social security number, your section number, and a little bit about yourself. It should include your previous programming experience, if any, and why you're taking this course.

    ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED to send this email from their umbc gl accounts to their TA, even if they are not attending the introductory lab session. You will not be able to submit your projects unless we receive this email from you.

    Sections 101, 102, 103 and 104 will each go to ECS 336 at their normal discussion section time for the week of 2/2 ONLY. There is always a problem with lab availability in the evenings. All of the evening sections will be going to the lab (ECS 336) on Tuesday night, 2/3/98, but at different times. Section 201 will have the lab from 7-7:50 PM. Section 202 from 9-9:50 PM, and Section 203 from 8-8:50 PM.

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